Save Child Care Funding

The Alabama Child Care Alliance announced this week that it is launching a petition drive. Their goal is to gather 30,000 signatures to show Alabama’s legislators that child care funding is essential for Alabama’s economic growth.

ACCA reports that funding for child care is in serious danger in the Alabama budget for 2013. The Department of Human Resources expects to have 25% less money in 2013 than it does in 2012.

For the past few years, with a commitment to child care and hard work, the Department has been able to maintain 28,000 children on the child care subsidy program. That goal will not be possible with huge cuts to the DHR budget.

Cuts in child care funding mean fewer children enrolled on the subsidy program, parents unable to work and more children in risky child care arrangements. State cuts also mean that Alabama will lose millions of dollars of federal child care money.

Take action and download a petition now by clicking here.

The petitions are due February 20. Please mail to the Alabama Child Care Alliance, PO Box 214, Montgomery, AL 36101 or bring them to the FOCAL Office, 3703 Rosa Parks Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36105. For more information, call Deborah Thomas at 334-262-3456.

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