Creative Resistance & Arts Training for Immigrant Rights in Birmingham

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) would like to invite you to participate in a weekend long Creative Resistance training with The Ruckus Society in Birmingham, Alabama.  Since the training is being organized by Alabama’s immigrants, the main theme will focus around the need for immigration reform.  Participants and trainers will represent various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  All the trainers are bilingual (English-Spanish) and simultaneous interpretation will be available to provide a multilingual space in which everyone can participate and learn together.

Unfortunately due to our limited space we only have 10 spaces left for people who want to participate in this training.  We are reserving these spots for people who are active outside of the immigrant rights movement or for anybody in the Birmingham area who enjoys spending hours working on art collectively.  My personal goal is that in the future this weekends’s local participants can hold our own art training to help each other out in preparation for major marches or actions that might be occurring in any of our movements.  More information is provided below regarding the different arts tracks that will be offered at the training.

If you are interested in participating or need more information please call Victor  205-706-5885.  The sooner you RSVP, the better!
The training is free, but we need to confirm participation ASAP in order to make sure that ACIJ provides enough food and supplies for everyone.
Please see below for details.

What:  Creative Resistance Workshops by The Ruckus Society

When: Saturday Feb 23 from 9AM to 7PM (plus dinner afterwards)
Sunday  Feb 24  from 9AM to 5PM  

Where: Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (¡HICA!)

            260 F West Valley Avenue Birmingham AL 35209


The Ruckus Society – Creative Resistance Workshops

Are you part of a community that is ready to take creative action in order to stop injustice? Does your community have a story to tell? Do you need creative ways to inspire people’s hearts? Would you like your actions to become more convincing, meaningful, beautiful, amazing, and interesting? We are artists from the Ruckus Society who collaborate with activists in order to support strategic change. During the Creative Resistance workshops we will work with you in order to identify your group’s message, its target audience, the tactics, and later support as the plans materialize. We will be offering the following practical workshops that you may choose from:

Image & Design: We will work collectively to design strategic images, messaging and backgrounds that we will use to create visual art. These images, messages and backgrounds will emerge from the real campaigns and will be available for immediate use by the participants upon their return home.

Stencils: We will learn the basic concepts needed to design and cut stencils. The participants will create new stencils using different printing techniques, practice signs, flags, and shirts.

Sign Design: The participants will work in pairs to print their own signs. They will learn to prepare and expose the screens, and eventually how to print on paper and on other surfaces.

Performance: Acting techniques designed for actions that incorporate guerrilla theater tactics, people planted within the public/audience, call & response, storyboard, and image theater.

Banners & Flags: Create a banner on a big scale and series of flags y bandannas to use during non-violent creative protests.

Puppets, masks & Atrezzo: The participants will design, sculpt, and create characters or objects built from cardboard, and paper mache paste.

Music and Movement for Movements: We will learn song, creating & directing, song writing, flashmobs and how to create and organize human flags.

Theater: Acting workshop focusing on exploration and development of characters/scenes for use in actions.

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